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Bring Your Water to Life

May 08, 2021 1 min read

7 Fun Ways to Wake Up Your Water 

Infused water recipes that will make hydration one of your favorite summer past times



Winter's over and summer is coming! Get out the summer clothes and get ready to take in some sun but don't forget to hydrate.  H2OCOACH has got fun water recipes based on some of your favorite summer fruit. Fun, fruit and sun – it doesn't get much better with healthy easy ingredients and short instructions, here's a collection of our favorite water recipes below, plus even more HERE.

1. Watermelon Mint



2. Kiwi and Strawberry

strawberry kiwi and lime


3. Orange, Strawberry and Mint



4. Orange, Basil & Tumeric


5. Blueberry and Lime


6. Lemon, Lime and Mint


7. Grapefruit and Herbs