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Time Marked Water Bottle with Straw - 30 oz

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"Love this water bottle, especially the built in straw!" H2OCOACH Customer, Sharmin J. 

Proper hydration is an essential part of optimal health and fitness and now drinking the right amount of water has never been easier. The Drink Up 30oz bottle keeps you on track with an inspiring design and hourly reminders.

• Compact, lightweight size makes this bottle perfect for when you're on-the-go
Convenient flip top straw keeps the straw clean and gives quick access to drink
• Large wide mouth opening makes it easy to add ice or your favorite fruit
• Durable BPA-Free Tritan plastic
• Free of chemical taste or odors


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Lela S.
Healthy and happy

This helps me to remember to drink more water and helps me track how much I've had. I love this product! It's also durable and so easy to clean! Machine washable on the top rack, but I put the straw on the bottom rack and it does just fine!

Perfect to begin my journey to 32 oz. Love The straw mechanism is above others. Love it

Easy to drink out of, great for reminder. Exceeded expectations


I love it, the only issue I have is when I drink out of it , it sounds like im sucking air.

Worth it

It’s a great reminder to keep drinking throughout the day

E. Martin
If you don't like to drink water this bottle is for you!

Let me just say I RARELY leave reviews. That's not me. However, I HAD to tell fellow water haters about this bottle. If you grew up drinking Kool-Aid with LOTS of sugar, and water was NEVER an option; the struggle to drink plain WATER is REAL!! Before getting this bottle, it took me ALL DAY to drink an 8oz bottle of water. ALL. DAY. And then I might have some left over. Since getting this bottle, I'm up to 32- 64 oz!! The time markers are very motivational because I like goals to accomplish. I fill the bottle to the line at the time of day I am going to start. It might be 10:00 a.m. AFTER I drink my morning tea. :) So ready, set, go, at 10:00 a.m. I pick up the bottle and start. My FAVORITE part is the drinking spout! It makes it SO EASY to drink. Not too fast,..you don't have to pull hard. Fits perfectly in the mouth. It is SO EASY and FUN to drink water now. I will say I add some Essential Oil drops for flavor. I am VERY HAPPY that I purchased this bottle. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for those who don't like water because it is like a water coach encouraging you to drink every hour if you keep it in line of sight like I do at my work desk. Like the bottle says...your skin, hair, mind and body will thank you. And you can thank me later for telling you about this bottle. My hair and skin were really mad at me before I got this bottle. Thank you H20 Coach from a former Kool-Aid only drinker. :) I will definitely purchase again!