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When H2OCOACH was founded, it was built on the premise to inspire and motivate people to drink more water throughout the day.  Truth is, most people like setting and achieving goals, even when it comes to hydration intake.   Since drinking water throughout the day is really an absolute for our bodies to function properly, we ourselves wanted a nice and well designed water bottle that not only looked and felt great to hold, but we wanted also hourly reminders to inspire as well as push us toward our daily hydration goals.


To our H2OCOACH team, we want you to know that daily hydration is something to feel good about, to celebrate at the end of an empty bottle. 

It took a lot to get there in some cases.  We believe at the end of the day that your Skin, Your Hair and Your Mind will thank you.

We invite you to join the H2OCOACH team and lets get back to drinking... without the hangover.